KB926QF PDF Datasheet – Keyboard Controller, 128 Pin

An I/O controller, or Input/Output controller, is a hardware component that manages communication between a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) and its peripherals, such as storage devices, networking interfaces, USB devices, and more. Its primary function is to handle data transfers and coordinate the flow of information between the CPU and these external devices.

Part Number: KB926QF

Function: Keyboard Controller, Embedded controller with LPC interface

Package: LPQFP 128 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ENE Technology

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An embedded controller with an LPC (Low Pin Count) interface is a specialized hardware component commonly found in computer systems, particularly laptops and desktops. The embedded controller is a microcontroller responsible for managing various system-related functions, such as power management, thermal management, keyboard input, battery charging, and other low-level tasks.

KB926QF is an embedded controller with LPC interface to connect with host. The embedded controller contains industrial standard 8051 microprocessor and provides function of i8042 keyboard controller basically.

The KB926 is designed with Shared-ROM architecture with SPI flash. The EC firmware and system BIOS will exist in one SPI flash. The embedded controller also features rich interfaces for applications, such as PS/2 interface, Keyboard Matrix, PWM, A/D converter, D/A converter, Fan controller, SMBus controller, GPIO controllers and extension interface for future applications.


KB926QF pinout datasheet

LPC Low Pin Count Interface:

1. SIRQ supporting IRQ1, IRQ12, SCI or SMI# interrupt and one programmable IRQ provided.

2. I/O Address Decoding:

(1) Legacy KBC I/O port 60h/64h

(2) Programmable EC I/O port, 62h/66h(recommend)

(3) I/O port 68h/6Ch (sideband)

(4) 2 Programmable 4-byte Index-I/O ports to access internal EC registers.

(5) 1 Programmable extended (debug) port I/O.

3. Memory Decoding:

(1) Firmware Hub decode

(2) LPC memory decode

(3) Compatible with LPC specification v1.1

Embedded Controller (EC):

1. ACPI Spec 2.0 compliant.

2. 5 standard EC command supported directly by hardware.

3. Each hardware command can be processed by firmware optionally.

4. Programmable EC I/O ports, 62h/66h by default.

KB926QF PDF Datasheet

KB926QF pdf