KMKYL000VM-B603 Datasheet PDF – eMMC Chip – Samsung

Part Number : KMKYL000VM-B603

Function : eMMC Chip – NAND Flash Memory Storage

Package : BGA162 Type

Manufacturers : Samsung

Image :
KMKYL000VM-B603 datasheet

Description :

The SAMSUNG e·MMC is an embedded MMC solution designed in a BGA package form. e·MMC operation is identical to a MMC card and therefore is a simple read and write to memory using MMC protocol v4.41 which is a industry standard. e·MMC consists of NAND flash and a MMC controller. 3V supply voltage is required for the NAND area (VDDF) whereas 1.8V or 3V dual supply voltage
(VDD) is supported for the MMC controller. Maximum MMC interface frequency of 52MHz and maximum bus widths of 8 bit are supported. There are several advantages of using e·MMC. It is easy to use as the MMC interface allows easy integration with any microprocessor with MMC host.
Any revision or amendment of NAND is invisible to the host as the embedded MMC controller insulates NAND technology from the host. This leads to faster product development as well as faster times to market.

Galaxy note – BGA162

16GB EMMC Chip NAND Flash Memory Storage IC KMKYL000VM-B603 for Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE SHV-E120L

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