KT2206B Datasheet PDF – Dual Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: KT2206B

Function:  Dual Audio Power Amplifier, Intergrated Circuit

Package: DIP 14 Type

Manufacturer: KENTONE

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KT2206B datasheet


The KT2206B is a monolithic integrated circuit consisting of a 2-channel power amplifier. It is suitable for stereo and bridge amplifier application of radio cassette tape recorders.


1. High output power

2. Low switching distortion at high frequency

3. Small shock noise at the time of power on/off due to a built-in muting circuit

4. Good ripple rejection due to a built-in ripple filter

5. Good channel separation

6. Soft tone at the time of ouput saturation

7. Minumum number of external parts required

8. Easy to design radiator fin




Other data sheets are available within the file: KT2206

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