KT315 Datasheet PDF – NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor

Part Number: KT315

Function: NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor

Package: KT-13



This is a Soviet NPN bipolar junction transistor used for general purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications, enclosed in the plastic KT-13 package. It was widely used in Soviet electronic equipment. The KT361 is a complementary (PNP) for the KT315 transistor, so it was often paired with it in push-pull stages.




This transistors were designed for use in high, medium and sound frequency amplifying stages.



Reference Site:

1. https://www.5v.ru/ds/trnz/kt315.htm

2. https://3.14.by/ru/read/kt315-kt361-bjt-npn-pnp


KT315 Datasheet


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