KY-038 PDF Arduino – Microphone Sound Sensor Module

Part Number : KY-038

Function : Microphone sound sensor module

Package : Module Type ( Size : Approx 36 x 16 mm )

Manufactures : KEYES, Arduino


KY-038 image

Description :

0. Adopt LM393 main chip

1. Features high sensitivity, Electret Condenser Microphone ( ECM ) sensor

2. Power supply indicator lamp

3. Comparator output indicator lamp

4. AO, real-time microphone voltage signal output

5. DO, high / low electric level signal output

6. Sensitivity adjusted by potentionmeter

7. Power Supply : 3-5V DC

8. Hole Inner Diameter : Approx. 3mm


Microphone sound detection module

For sound detection Module has two outputs:
1. AO, analog output, real-time output voltage signal of the microphone
2. DO, when the sound intensity reaches a certain threshold, the output high and low signal

The threshold-sensitivity can be adjusted via potentiometer on the sensor

Connecting to the Arduino

Pin + to Arduino 5+
Pin – to Arduino –
Pin A0 to Arduino A0 (for analog program)
Pin D0 to Arduino 13 (for digital program)

Interface definition:

1. AO : analog output sensor
2. GND : ground
3. VCC : Power supply input range: 3V-24V.
4. DO : Digital Output (comparator output)
5. Two red LED indication : POWER and SENSOR. POWER: Power is off. SENSOR: When the microphone senses sound 6. reaches a certain value, this LED light.


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KY-038 PDF Datasheet