KY701F PDF Datasheet – 0.7A, 80V, Silicon Rectifier, Diode

Part Number: KY701F

Function: 0.7A, 80V, Silicon Rectifier, Diode

Manufacturer: Tesla


KY701F diode rectifier



KY701F is 0.7A, 80V, Silicon Rectifier. It’s Diode.

A silicon rectifier is a type of electronic component used in electrical circuits to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). It’s a semiconductor device that takes advantage of the properties of silicon, a widely used semiconductor material.

Here’s how a silicon rectifier works:

1. Rectification: Alternating current periodically changes direction, moving back and forth. A rectifier allows current to flow in only one direction, effectively converting AC to DC. It does this by utilizing the properties of semiconductor materials, such as silicon, to create a one-way path for current flow.

2. P-N Junction: A silicon rectifier typically consists of a P-N junction, which is the interface between a region of semiconductor material with an excess of positive charge carriers (P-type) and a region with an excess of negative charge carriers (N-type). When these two regions are brought together, it forms a diode, which acts as a one-way valve for electric current.

3. Half-Wave and Full-Wave Rectification: Silicon rectifiers can be used in both half-wave and full-wave rectification circuits. In a half-wave rectifier, only one half of the AC waveform is allowed to pass through, resulting in a pulsating DC output. In a full-wave rectifier, both halves of the AC waveform are used, resulting in a smoother DC output.

KY701F pdf rectifier diode

KY701F PDF Datasheet

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