L1085DG – 3A Adjustable Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Part Number : L1085DG

Function : 3A Adjustable Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Manufactures : Niko-Sem

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Description :
NIKO-SEM 3A Adjustable Low Dropout Linear Regulator (LDO) L1085XG TO-252,263,220 Lead-Free GENERAL DESCRIPTION The L1085G is a positive and low dropout three-terminal voltage regulator with 3A output current capability. This device is designed for use in low voltage applications that offers lower dropout voltage and faster transient response. This device is fully protected against over current faults, over temperature operation, reversed input polarity, reversed lead insertion, transient voltage spike …etc. On-Chips trimming the reference voltage to 1% and features the low dropout of maximum 1.45 volts. The L1085G Series regulators are available in the popular industry standard TO-220 TO-263 and TO-252 packages. FEATURES z Very easy to use, it requires only two external resistors to set the output voltage z Low dropout voltage: 1.3V typical at up to 3A z Low ground current z Fast transient response z Current & thermal limiting z Line regulation: 0.5% typical z Load regulation: 0.5% typical z TO-220, TO-263 and TO-252 packages APPLICATIONS z High current microprocessor supplies z Low voltage logic supply z Powering VGA & sound card z Portable instrumentation z Constant current regulator z Post regulator for switching power supply TYPICAL APPLICATION Vin IN ADJ Cin 10uF L1085 OUT Vref Vout R1 + + Cout 10uF Iadj R2 Vo = Vref (1+R2/R1) + Iadj x R2 1. Cin needed if device is far from from filter capacitors. 2. Cout required for stability. – Basic Adjustable Regulator Circuit 1 JUL-15-2004 Free Datasheet http:// NIKO-SEM 3A Adjustable Low Dropout Linear Regulator (LDO) L1085XG TO-252,263,220 Lead-Free ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS z Maximum Supply Voltage z Power Dissipation z Thermal Resistance Junction to Case, θJC z Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient, θJA TO-263 TO-252 TO-220 7V Internally Limited 5 °C/W z Operating Junction Temperature Range z Storage Temperature Range z Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 Seconds) 0 to 125 °C -40 to 150 °C 260 °C 60 °C/W 70 °C/W 50 °C/W ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Unless otherwise specified, TA = 25 °C.) Parameter Reference Voltage Dropout Voltage Line Regulation Load Regulation Minimum Load Current Symbol VREF Test Conditions VIN = 5V, IOUT = 10mA Typical 1.25V 1.3V 0.5% 0.5% 10mA 55µA 5.0A 0.003% of VOUT 72dB Limits 1.23VMin 1.27VMax 1.45V 2% 2.5% 100µA 4.0A (Min) VD ΔVREF = 1%, IOUT = 3A REG(LINE) (VOUT + 1.5V) ≤ VIN ≤ 7V, IOUT = 10mA REG(LOAD) (VIN -VOUT) = 3V, 10mA ≤ IOUT ≤ 3A IO IADJ ICL VN RA f = 120Hz, CADJ = 22µF for ADJ pin, VIN = 5V, IOUT = 3A 1.5V ≤ (VIN -VOUT) ≤ 5.75V VIN – VOUT = 2V Adjust Pin Current Current Limit RMS Output Noise Ripple Rejection Ratio 60dB (Min) DEVICE SELECTION GUIDE Device Package Marking L1085DG TO-252 L1085DG L1085SG TO-263 (2-Lead) L1085SG L1085S3G TO-263 (3-Lead) L1085S3G L1085TG TO-220 L1085TG Orders for parts with Lead-Free plating can be placed using the LXXXXXG parts name. 2 JUL-15-2004 Free Datas […]

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