L5955 Datasheet – Multifunction voltage regulator

Part Number : L5955

Function : Multiple multifunction voltage regulator for car radio

Package : Flexiwatt27 Type

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

Pinouts :

L5955 datasheet

Description :

The L5955 is an integration of three high side drivers, six regulators and two stand-by regulators
with RESET function developed to provide the power to a complete audio system. The outputs of the IC are controlled by I2C bus and Enable pin. The device is equipped with sequencing and slew rate controls for the st-by regulators.

■ 2 stand-by regulators:
3.3V (125mA)
1.5V (300mA)
■ 6 regulators:
10V (40mA)
8.5V (200mA)
3.3V (850mA)
8/10V (1A)
5/3.3/1.8V (200mA)
■ All regulators are low dropout outputs
■ The different outputs voltage are controlled by I2C Bus.
■ Reg3 on/off controlled by enable
■ Reg1, Reg2, Reg4, Reg5, Reg6 on/off controlled by I2C Bus.
■ 3 high side drivers:
2A (HSD1)
0.45A (HSD2 & HSD3)
■ No external charge pump capacitors are required
■ Stand-by mode controlled by EN pin for I2CBus and Reg1, Reg2, Reg3, Reg4, Reg5,
Reg6, HSD1, HSD2, HSD3
■ LVW function externally selectable
■ Individual thermal shutdown
■ Independent current limiting
■ Short circuit protection
■ Load dump protection and overvoltage shutdown

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