L5986 Datasheet – 2.5A, Step-down Switching Regulator

L5986 is a high-voltage, high-current step-down switching regulator developed by STMicroelectronics. It utilizes a pulse-width modulation (PWM) control scheme to regulate the output voltage and maintain stable operation under varying load conditions.

Function: 2.5A, Step-down Switching Regulator

Package: VFQFPN8 3×3 mm, HSOP8 exposed pad Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Image and Pinouts:

L5986 datasheet



The L5986 is a step-down switching regulator with a 3.0 A (min.) current limited embedded Power MOSFET, so it is ableto deliver up to 2.5 A current to the load depending on the application conditions. The input voltage can range from 2.9 V to 18 V, while the output voltage can be set starting from 0.6 V to VIN . Having a minimum input voltage of 2.9 V, the device is suitable also for a 3.3 V bus. Requiring a minimum set of external components, the device includes an internal 250 kHz switching frequency oscillator thatcan be externally adjusted up to 1 MHz. The QFN and the HSOP packages with an exposed pad allow reducing the RthJA down to
60 °C/W and 40 °C/W respectively.


1. 2.5 A DC output current
2. 2.9 V to 18 V input voltage
3. Output voltage adjustable from 0.6 V
4. 250 kHz switching frequency, programmable up to 1 MHz
5. Internal soft-start and inhibit
6. Low dropout operation: 100% duty cycle
7. Voltage feedforward
8. Zero load current operation
9. Overcurrent and thermal protection

The regulator also incorporates a range of protection features, including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and thermal shutdown. These protections help to ensure safe and reliable operation of the regulator and the devices it powers.

Other key features of the regulator include a low-dropout voltage, adjustable output voltage, and a wide operating temperature range.

Other data sheets are available within the file: L5986A, L5986ATR, L5986TR

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