LA76810 Datasheet PDF – Single-Chip Color TV IC – Sanyo

Part Number: LA76810

Function: Color TV signal-processing IC

Package : DIP 54 Pin Type

Manufacturer: SANYO (Panasonic)


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As generation after generation of color TV signal-processing IC is developed, and as rationalization progresses in the design of these ICs, the companies that produce these ICs find themselves in a battle not just for market share, but for their very survival. TV manufacturers, who are facing the rapid collapse of prices in consumer products, now strongly desire both support for global products and reduced total costs in the ICs for these products. To respond to these needs, Sanyo has developed the LA76810 Series of single-chip color TV signal-processing ICs.

To provide reduced design costs in application products, the LA76810 Series are designed to support
end products with common printed circuit boards across the product line, and also to support global
products by supporting a variety of TV standard combinations, including NTSC, PAL/NTSC, and
multi-format. To reduce total costs, these ICs are based on the concept of reducing adjustments in
external components by using an I2C bus, and furthermore aim at reducing the number of adjustments
by adopting adjustment-free technology (e.g., the IF circuit is adjustment free), and by using circuit
technologies (such as S-BPF/TRAP, DDS, and CCD) to reduce the number of components.

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