LA78141 PDF Pinout – Vertical Deflection Output IC

Part Number : LA78141, LA78141-E

Function : Vertical Deflection Output IC

Package : ZIP 220 – 7H Pin Plastic Type

Manufactures : ETC, Sanyo Semiconductor

1 page image :

LA78141 image

2 page :

Pin Connections and Fuctional Block Diagram

Description :

Vertical Output, Vertical Drive, Pump-up


Appication :

BUS Supported TV Display Vertical Output


Data pinout IC Vertical amp crt tv reciever. LA78040, LA78141, UTP78040(Sanyo),



1. Inverting Input

2. VCC

3. Pump Up Out

4. Gnd

5. Ver.Out

6. Output Stage VCC

7. Non Inv.Input



LA78141 Datasheet

datasheet pdf

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