LB1882V Datasheet PDF

Part Number : LB1882V

Function : 3-phase brushless motor driver / SSOP24(275mil)

Manufacturers : SANYO -> Panasonic

Pinouts :

LB1882V datasheet

Description :

LB1882V is a 3-phase brushless motor driver IC that is optimal for driving the spindle motors in portable AV equipment such as DAT, CD and MD products.


• Small external capacitors due to the current linear drive scheme
• Low power enabled by motor voltage control
• Operates on supply voltage down to 1.8V
• Built-in torque ripple correction circuit
• Built-in saturation prevention circuit
• Built-in AGC circuit
• Built-in thermal shutdown circuit
• Built-in current limiter
• Built-in FG amplifier


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LB1882V pdf

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