LC74787 Datasheet PDF – On-Screen Display Controller – Sanyo

Part Number : LC74787

Function : On-Screen Display Controller

Package : DIP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturers : SANYO (Panasonic)

Pinouts :

LC74787 datasheet

Description :

The LC74787, LC74787M, and LC74787JM are onscreen display controller CMOS ICs that display
characters and patterns on the TV screen under microprocessor control. These ICs support 12 ×18 dot
characters and can display 12 lines by 24 characters of text.


1. Display format: 24 characters by 12 rows (Up to 288 characters)
2. Character format: 12 (horizontal) x 18 (vertical) dots
3. Character sizes: Three sizes each in the horizontal and vertical directions
4. Characters in font: 256 (254 characters, one spacing character, and one transparent spacing character)
5. Initial display positions: 64 horizontal positions and 64 vertical positions
6. Blinking: Specifiable in character units


Other data sheets within the file : 74787, LC74787JM, LC74787M

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