LD-450-1600MG PDF Datasheet – Blue Laser Diode

A laser diode is a semiconductor device that emits coherent light through a process called stimulated emission. It’s a type of diode that is designed to produce a highly concentrated, narrow beam of light. Laser diodes are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including telecommunications, laser pointers, barcode readers, laser printers, medical equipment, and more.

Part Number: LD-450-1600MG

Function: Blue Laser Diode

Manufacturer: Roithner LaserTechnik

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LD-450-1600MG is a blue multi transverse mode laser diode emitting at typically 450nm with rated output power of 1600 mW CW, in a standard 5.6 mm TO package.

1. Blue Laser Diode: A blue laser diode is a type of laser diode that emits light in the blue part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Blue laser diodes typically emit light with wavelengths around 405 nanometers (nm), 445 nm, or 473 nm. These shorter wavelengths are challenging to produce using traditional semiconductor materials, which is why blue laser diodes are a significant technological achievement. Blue laser diodes are used in various applications such as high-density optical storage (e.g., Blu-ray), medical equipment, scientific research, and laser displays.


1. Blue Laser Diode

2. 450 nm, 1600 mW

3. Multi Transverse Mode

4. 5.6mm To-Can


LD-450-1600MG datasheet

It’s worth noting that laser safety is an important consideration when working with laser diodes, as they can emit high-powered, concentrated light that can potentially be harmful to human eyes and skin. Proper safety precautions should always be taken when handling and using laser diodes.

LD-450-1600MG PDF Datasheet