LD7904JGP7 Datasheet – Green Mode Power Switch

This post explains for the semiconductor LD7904JGP7.

The Part Number is LD7904JGP7.

The function of this semiconductor is Green Mode Power Switch.

Manufacturers : Leadtrend Technology

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Description :

LD7904JGP7 3/21/2012 Green Mode Power Switch REV:00b General Description The LD7904JGP7 is a green mode PWM chip integrated with a 700V MOSFET in a DIP-6 package. It’s operating at fixed frequency of 100KHz. With multi-functions built-in this IC , such as high voltage startup, OLP/OVP/OTP protection, internal current mode slope compensation, and green-mode power-saving operation under light load or no load condition, this highly integrated device provides high efficiency, low external component counts, and low cost solution for compact power applications. Features  Built-in 700V Power MOSFET  Built-in High Voltage startup circuit  Fixed Switching Frequency at 100KHz  Frequency Trembling for EMI improve  Internal High Voltage Startup Circuit  Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO) on VCC Pin  Current Mode Control with Slope Compensation  Green-Mode Control for Power Saving  OVP / OLP / Internal Thermal Shut Down Applications  Switching AC/DC Adaptor  LCD TV […]

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LD7904JGP7 Datasheet