LF347BD Datasheet PDF – JFET-Input Quad Operational Amplifier

Part Number : LF347BD


Package : SOIC 14 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

LF347BD datasheet


Description :

These devices are low-cost, high-speed, JFET-input operational amplifiers. They require low supply current yet maintain a large gain-bandwidth product and a fast slew rate. In addition, their matched high-voltage JFET inputs provide very low input bias and offset current

Features :

1. Low Input Bias Current: 50 pA Typical
2. Low Input Noise Current: 0.01 pA/√Hz Typical
3. Low Total Harmonic Distortion
4. Low Supply Current: 8 mA Typical
5. Gain Bandwidth: 3 MHz Typical
6. High Slew Rate: 13 V/ms Typical

Applications :

1. Motor Integrated Systems: UPS
2. Drives and Control Solutions: AC Inverters and VF Drives
3. Renewables: Solar Inverters
4. Pro Audio Mixers
5. Oscilloscopes

LF347BD Datasheet PDF Download

LF347BD pdf

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