LG631-9R Datasheet – OICTMSA002I, Microcontroller, EEPROM

Part Number : LG631-9R, LG6319R

Function : EEPROM for LG TV

Package : DIP 64 Pin

Image :LG631-9R

Description :

The IC is a single-chip video and sound processor IC with a built-in microcontroller that supports all of the different worldwide broadcasting systems. The IC provides fully integrated solution to rationalize the design of color TV sets, increase productivity, and reduce total costs.

LG631 9R 55Y7 = OICTMSA002B

LG631 9R 56N1 = OICTMSA002C

LG631 9R 57C0 = OICTMSA002D

LG631 9R 57Z2 = OICTMSA002F

LG631 9R 59H2 = OICTMSA002I

LG631 9R 5AV6 = OICTMSA002K

LG631-9R Datasheet

LG631-9R datasheet pinout

LA76931 Datasheet


LA76938A Datasheet

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