LH7A404 Datasheet – 32-Bit System-on-Chip

Part Number : LH7A404

Function : 32-Bit System-on-Chip

Package : 324-Pin LFBGA Type

Manufacturers : NXP Semiconductors., Sharp

Pinouts :

LH7A404 datasheet


Description :

The advent of 3G technology opens up a wide range of multimedia applications inmobile information appliances.

The LH7A404 is designed from the ground up with a 32-bit ARM922 Core to provide high processing performance, low power consumption, and a high level of integration. Features include 80 kB on-chip SRAM, fully static design, power management unit, low voltage (1.8 V Core, 3.3 V I/O) and on-chip PLL.


Features :

1. 32-bit ARM9TDMI RISC Core

(1) 16 kB Cache: 8 kB Instruction and 8 kB Data Cache

(2) MMU (Windows CE™ Enabled)

(3) Up to 266 MHz; See Table 1 for speed options

2. 80 kB On-Chip Static RAM

3. Vectored Interrupt Controller

4. External Bus Interface

(1) Up to 133 MHz; See Table 1 for bus speed options

(2) Asynchronous and Synchronous interface RAM, Flash, PC Card and CompactFlash

5. Clock and Power Management

(1) 32.768 kHz and 14.7456 MHz Oscillators

(2) Programmable PLL


Other data sheets within the file :

LH7A404-N0F-000, LH7A404-N0F-092


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