LI0201 Datasheet – Ferrite Bead (Chip Bead)

Part Number : LI0201

Function : Signal Filtering Ferrite Chip Beads

Package : SMD 0201 Size

Manufacturers : Laird Technologies

Pinouts :

LI0201 datasheet

Description :

Laird Technologies has broadened its Ferrite Chip Bead product offering by adding the smaller EIA 0201 (Metric 0603) version to the existing EIA 0402 ~ 3312 (Metric 1005 ~ 8531) product family. The smaller foot-print makes this chip bead ideal for miniature and portable electronic system devices.

The new LI0201 series is an ultra-compact, monolithic EMI suppression chip designed for digital signal lines. It offers space efficiency with superior EMI noise filtering over a wide frequency range of low to several hundred MHz for broad-band signal interfaces, up to GHz ranges for high-frequency signal lines.

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