LM2733 Datasheet PDF – Switching Regulator, Boost Converter

Part Number : LM2733

Function : 0.6/1.6 MHz Boost Converters With 40V Internal FET Switch

Package : SOT-23 Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

LM2733 datasheet


Description :

The LM2733 switching regulators are current-mode boost converters operating fixed frequency of 1.6 MHz (“X” option) and 600 kHz (“Y” option).

The use of SOT-23 package, made possible by the minimal power loss of the internal 1A switch, and use of small inductors and capacitors result in the industrys highest power density. The 40V internal switch makes these solutions perfect for boosting to voltages of 16V or greater.

These parts have a logic-level shutdown pin that can be used to reduce quiescent current and extend battery life.

Protection is provided through cycle-by-cycle current limiting and thermal shutdown. Internal compensation simplifies design and reduces component count.

Features :

1. 40V DMOS FET Switch

2. 1.6 MHz (“X”), 0.6 MHz (“Y”) Switching Frequency


4. Switch Current up to 1A

5. Wide Input Voltage Range (2.7V–14V)

6. Low Shutdown Current (<1 µA)

7. 5-Lead SOT-23 Package

8. Uses Tiny Capacitors and Inductors

9. Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting

10. Internally Compensated


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