LM2990 Datasheet – Negative Low Dropout Regulator

Part Number : LM2990

Function : Negative Low Dropout Regulator

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

LM2990 datasheet

Description :

The LM2990 is a three-terminal, low dropout, 1 ampere negative voltage regulator available with fixed output voltages of −5, −5.2, −12, and −15V.
The regulator uses new circuit design techniques to provide low dropout and low quiescent current.
The dropout voltage at 1A load current is typically 0.6V and an ensured worst-case maximum of 1V over the entire operating temperature range.
The quiescent current is typically 1 mA with 1A load current and an input-output voltage differential greater than 3V.
A unique circuit design of the internal bias supply limits the quiescent current to only 9 mA (typical) when the regulator is in the dropout mode (Vout− Vin ≤ 3V).
Output voltage accuracy is ensured to ±5% over load,and temperature extremes.
The IC is short-circuit proof, and thermal shutdown includes hysteresis to enhance the reliability of the device when overloaded for an extended period of time. The LM2990 is available in a 3-lead package and is rated for operation over the automotive temperature range of −40°C to +125°C.

• 5% Output Accuracy over Entire Operating Range
• Output Current in Excess of 1A
• Dropout Voltage Typically 0.6V at 1A Load
• Low Quiescent Current
• Internal Short Circuit Current Limit
• Internal Thermal Shutdown with Hysteresis
• Functional Complement to the LM2940 Series

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