LM301ANG Datasheet PDF – Operational Amplifier

Part Number : LM301ANG


Package : DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :

LM301ANG datasheet


Description :

A general purpose operational amplifier that allows the user to choose the compensation capacitor best suited to his needs. With proper compensation, summing amplifier slew rates to 10 V/us can be obtained.

Features :

1. Low Input Offset Current: 20 nA Maximum Over Temperature Range
2. External Frequency Compensation for Flexibility
3. Class AB Output Provides Excellent Linearity
4. Output Short Circuit Protection
5. Guaranteed Drift Characteristics
6. Pbāˆ’Free Packages are Available

Block Diagram:



LM301ANG Datasheet PDF Download

LM301ANG pdf

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