LM311 Datasheet – Single Comparators – ON Semiconductor

Part Number : LM311


Manufactures : ON Semiconductor

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LM311 image

Description :

The ability to operate from a single power supply of 5.0 V to 30 V or 15 V split supplies, as commonly used with operational amplifiers, makes the LM211 / LM311 a truly versatile comparator. Moreover, the inputs of the device can be isolated from system ground while the output can drive loads referenced either to ground, the VCCor the VEE supply. This flexibility makes it possible to drive DTL, RTL, TTL, or MOS logic. The output can also switch voltages to 50 V at currents to 50 mA, therefore, the LM211 / LM311 can be used to drive relays, lamps or solenoids.

LM311 Pinout onsemi

LM311 Datasheet


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