LM323 Datasheet PDF – 3A, 5V, Positive Voltage Regulator

What is LM323?

It is part of the LM3xx series of regulators, which are widely used in electronic circuits to regulate and stabilize the DC voltage. This regulator has an internal current-limiting and thermal-shutdown feature that provides protection against overcurrent and overtemperature conditions. It also has a low dropout voltage, which means it can regulate a voltage that is very close to its output voltage.

Function: 3A, 5V, Three-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator

Package: TO-220 Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics



The LM323 are three-terminal positive voltage regulators with a preset 5V output and a load driving capability of 3A. New circuit design and processing techniques are used to provide the high output current without sacrificing the regulation characteristics of lower current devices.

The 3A regulator is virtually blowout proof.

Current limiting, power limiting and thermal shut-down provide high level of reliability. An overall worst case specification for the combined effects of input voltage, load current, ambient temperature, and power dissipation ensure that the LM323 will perform satisfactorily as a system element.



The 3 A regulator is virtually blowout proof.

• Output current: 3 A
• Internal current and thermal limiting
• Typical output impedance: 0.01 Ω
• Minimum input voltage: 7.5 V
• Power dissipation: 30 W

LM323 datasheet

It is commonly used in power supplies, battery chargers, and other applications that require a regulated DC voltage.

Official site : http://www.st.com/

LM323 Datasheet PDF Download

LM323 pdf
Other data sheets are available within the file: LM323T