LM348 Datasheet PDF – Quadruple Operational Amplifier – TI

Part Number : LM348


Package : DIP 14 Pin type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

LM348 datasheet


Description :

The LM148, LM248, and LM348 are quadruple, independent, high-gain, internally compensated operational amplifiers designed to have operating characteristics similar to the  µA741.

These amplifiers exhibit low supply-current drain and input bias and offset currents that are much less than those of the µA741.


1. µA741 Operating Characteristics
2. Low Supply-Current Drain . . . 0.6 mA Typ (per amplifier)
3. Low Input Offset Voltage
4. Low Input Offset Current
5. Class AB Output Stage
6. Input/Output Overload Protection
7. Designed to Be Interchangeable With Industry Standard LM148, LM248, and LM348


Other data sheets within the file : LM148FK, LM148J, LM248, LM248D, LM248DR

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LM348 pdf