LM358 Pinout – Operational Amplifier – ON Semi

Part Number : LM358, LM358NG

Description : Single Supply Dual Operational Amplifier

Package : PDIP, SOIC, Micro 8 Pin Type

Manufactures : ON Semiconductor


LM358 amplifiers have several distinct advantages over standard operational amplifier types in single supply applications. They can operate at supply voltages as low as 3.0 V or as high as 32 V, with quiescent currents about one−fifth of those associated with the MC1741 (on a per amplifier basis).

LM358 Pinout

LM358 Pinout


1 .Short Circuit Protected Outputs
2. True Differential Input Stage
3. Single Supply Operation: 3.0 V to 32 V
4. Low Input Bias Currents
5. Internally Compensated
6. Common Mode Range Extends to Negative Supply


LM358 Datasheet

LM358 pdf