LM3705XCBP-308 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : LM3705XCBP-308

Function : Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits with Power Fail Input/ Low Line Output and Manual Reset

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

LM3705XCBP-308 datasheet

Description :

The LM3704/LM3705 series of microprocessor supervisory circuits provide the maximum flexibility for monitoring power supplies and battery controlled functions in systems without backup batteries. The LM3704/LM3705 series are available in VSSOP-10
and 9-bump DSBGA packages.
Built-in features include the following: Reset: Reset is asserted during power-up, power
down, and brownout conditions. RESET is ensured down to Vcc of 1.0V.
Manual Reset Input: An input that asserts reset when pulled low.
Power-Fail Input: A 1.225V threshold detector for power fail warning, or to monitor a power supply other than Vcc Low Line Output: This early power failure warning
indicator goes low when the supply voltage drops to a value which is 2% higher than the reset threshold voltage.

2• Standard Reset Threshold Voltage: 3.08V
• Custom Reset Threshold Voltages: For Othe
Voltages Between 2.2V and 5.0V in 10mV
Increments, Contact Texas Instruments.
• No External Components Required
• Manual-Reset Input
• Precision Supply Voltage Monitor
• Factory Programmable Reset Timeout Delay
• Separate Power Fail Comparator
• Available in DSBGA Package for Minimum Footprint


LM3705XCBP-308 Datasheet PDF Download

LM3705XCBP-308 pdf

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