LM4040 Datasheet PDF – Shunt Voltage Reference

Part Number: LM4040

Function: Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference

Package: SOT-23, SC-70, TO-92

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments, Microchip Semiconductor, National Semiconductor


LM4040 Shunt Voltage Reference


The LM4040 series of shunt voltage references are versatile, easy-to-use references that cater to a vast array of applications.
The 2-pin fixed-output device requires no external capacitors for operation and is stable with all capacitive loads. Additionally, the reference offers low dynamic impedance, low noise, and low temperature coefficient to ensure a stable output voltage over a wide range of operating currents and temperatures.

The LM4040 uses fuse and Zener-zap reverse breakdown voltage trim during wafer sort to offer four output voltage tolerances, ranging from 0.1% (max) for the A grade to 1% (max) for the D grade. Thus, a great deal of flexibility is offered to designers in choosing the best cost-to-performance ratio for their applications.

Packaged in space-saving SC-70 and SOT-23-3 packages and requiring a minimum current of 45 μA (typ), the LM4040 also is ideal for portable applications. The LM4040xI is characterized for operation over an ambient temperature range of –40°C to 85°C. The LM4040xQ is characterized for operation over an ambient temperature range of –40°C to 125°C.


1. Small SOT-23 Package
2. No Output Capacitor Required
3. Tolerates Capacitive Loads
4. Fixed Reverse-Breakdown Voltages of 1.225V, 2.500V, 4.096V, and 5.000V
5. Adjustable Reverse-Breakdown Version

LM4040 datasheet


1. Data-Acquisition Systems
2. Power Supplies and Power-Supply
3. Instrumentation and Test Equipmen
4. Process Controls
5. Precision Audio
6. Automotive Electronics
7. Energy Management
8. Battery-Powered Equipment


Official Homepage: https://www.ti.com/product/LM4040

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LM4040 pdf

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