LM5015 Datasheet – Two-Switch Forward DC-DC Regulator

Part Number: LM5015

Function: High Voltage Monolithic Two-Switch Forward DC-DC Regulator

Package: HTSSOP-14EP (Exposed Pad) Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


LM5015 datasheet



The LM5015 high voltage switch mode regulator features all the functions necessary to implement efficient high voltage Two-Switch Forward and Two-Switch Flyback regulators, using a minimum of external components. This easy to use regulator integrates high side and low side 75 Volt N-Channel MOSFETs with a minimum 1 Amp peak current limit.

The voltage across the MOSFETs employed in the two-switch topology is clamped to the input voltage, allowing the input voltage range to approach the rating of the MOSFETs. The regulator control method is based on current mode control providing inherent ease of loop compensation and line feed-forward for superior rejection of input transients.

A forward DC-DC regulator is an electronic circuit that is used to convert an input DC voltage to a different output DC voltage level. It is a type of DC-DC converter that operates by transferring energy from the input to the output through an inductor and a transformer.

The operation of a forward DC-DC regulator can be controlled by varying the duty cycle of the switching signal. By adjusting the on-time and off-time of the switch, the amount of energy transferred from the input to the output can be regulated, allowing the output voltage to be maintained at a constant level even when the input voltage or load current changes.


• Dual Integrated 75V N-Channel MOSFETs
• Ultra-Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.25V to 75V
• Integrated High Voltage Bias Regulator
• Adjustable Output Voltage
• 1.5% Feedback Reference Accuracy
• Current Mode Control with Selectable Compensation
• Wide Bandwidth Error Amplifier
• Integrated Current Sensing and Limiting
• 50% Maximum Duty Cycle Limit
• Single Resistor Oscillator Programming
• Oscillator Synchronization Capability
• Programmable Soft-Start
• Enable / Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) Pin
• Thermal Shutdown

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