LM7805 Pinout – Positive Voltage Regulator

Part Number : LM7805


Package : TO-220 Plastic Type

Manufacturers : Continental Device India Limited

LM7805 Pinout

LM7805 Pinout


Description :

The Voltages Available allow these Regulators to be used in Logic Systems, Instrumentation, Hi-Fi Audio
Circuits and other Solid State Electronic Equipment.

Each type employs internal current limiting, thermal shut-down, and safe operating area protection. If adequate heat sinking is provided, they can deliver over 1 A output current. Although designed primarily as fixedvoltage regulators, these devices can be used with external components for adjustable voltages and currents.

1. Fixed output voltage of 5V
2. Thermal overload shutdown protection
3. Output Current up to 1 A
4. Output Transistor Safe Operating Area Protection

LM7805 Datasheet Pinout

LM7805 Datasheet PDF

LM7805 pdf


Other data sheets within the file : LM7805-220M, LM7805-39, LM7805A-220M, LM7805AA-220M