LM833-N Datasheet PDF

Part Number : LM833-N

Function : Dual Audio Operational Amplifier

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

LM833-N datasheet

Description :

• Wide Dynamic Range: >140dB
• Low Input Noise Voltage: 4.5nV/√Hz
• High Slew Rate: 7 V/μs (typ); 5V/μs (Min)
• High Gain Bandwidth: 15MHz (typ); 10MHz(Min)
• Wide Power Bandwidth: 120KHz
• Low Distortion: 0.002%
• Low Offset Voltage: 0.3mV
• Large Phase Margin: 60°
• Available in 8 Pin VSSOP Package

The LM833-N is a dual general purpose operational
amplifier designed with particular emphasis on performance in audio systems.
This dual amplifier IC utilizes new circuit and processing techniques to deliver low noise, highspeed and wide bandwidth without increasing
external components or decreasing stability. The LM833-N is internally compensated for all closed loop gains and is therefore optimized for all preamp and high level stages in PCM and HiFi systems.
The LM833-N is pin-for-pin compatible with industry standard dual operational amplifiers.

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