LM8361 Datasheet PDF – Clock Circuit IC – Sanyo Electric

Part Number: LM8361 ( Equivalent NTE2060 )

Function : P-MOS LSI Alarm Clock ( Watches / Clocks )

Package: DIP 40 Pin

Manufacturer: Sanyo Electric


LM8361 image


1. Single Chip P–Channel ED MOS LSI
2. Direct Drive Capable : LED (5mA or More, Red LED), Fluorescent Display Tube (Light–Up Voltage 16V or Less)
3. Wide Operating Voltage Range: –8V to –16V
4. Capable of 50Hz or 60Hz Reference Frequency
5. Two Selections of Display Mode : AM/PM 12–Hour, 24–Hour
6. 24–Hour Alarm Function
7. Repeatable Snooze Function
8. Presettable 59–Minute Down Counter (Sleep Timer)
9. SNOOZE Pin can be used to Set the Sleep Timer with One Touch
10. Clock Input Noise Eliminator
11. Power Failure Indicating Function (All Digits Flashing):
12. 12H Display Mode →AM or OUTPUT of LSI
13. 24H Display Mode →AM, PM or b & c OUTPUT of LSI



LM8361 datasheet pinout

1. Alarm Clock
2. Clock Radio
3. Timer for Home Appliances
4. Display of Elapsed Time

1. Real Time Display
2. Alarm With Snooze Function
3. Sleep Timer (59 Minutes Max)


LM8361 circuit
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LM8361 Datasheet