LMC660 Datasheet – CMOS Quad Operational Amplifier

Part Number : LMC660

Function : CMOS Quad Operational Amplifier

Package : SOIC 14 Pin Type

Manufacturers : National ->Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

LMC660 datasheet

Description :

The LMC660 CMOS Quad operational amplifier is ideal for operation from a single supply. It operates from +5V to +15.5V and features rail-to-rail output swing in addition to an input common-mode range that includes ground.

Performance limitations that have plagued CMOS amplifiers in the past are not a problem with this design. Input V OS, drift, and broadband noise as well as voltage gain into realistic loads (2 kΩ and 600Ω) are all equal to or better than widely accepted bipolar equivalents.


Acquired by Texas Instruments on September 23rd, 2011.

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