LMC7215 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : LMC7215

Function : LMC7215/LMC7215-Q1/LMC7225 Micro-Power, Rail-to-Rail CMOS Comparators with Push Pull/Open-Drain Outputs / Tiny 5-Pin SOT-23 Package / Ultra Low Power Consumption 0.7 uA

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

LMC7215 datasheet

Description :

The LMC7215/LMC7215-Q1/LMC7225 are ultra low power comparators with a maximum of 1 μA power supply current. They are designed to operate over a wide range of supply voltages, from 2V to 8V.

The LMC7215/LMC7215-Q1/LMC7225 have a greater than rail-to-rail common mode voltage range. This is a real advantage in single supply applications.  The LMC7215 features a push-pull output stage. This feature allows operation with absolute minimum amount of power consumption when driving any load.

The LMC7225 features an open drain output. By connecting an external resistor, the output of the comparator can be used as a level shifter to any desired voltage to as high as 15V.
The LMC7215/LMC7215-Q1/LMC7225 are designed for systems where low power consumption is the critical parameter.

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