LMR24210 Datasheet PDF – Step-Down Voltage Regulator

Part Number : LMR24210

Function : SIMPLE SWITCHER 42Vin, 1.0A Step-Down Voltage Regulator in micro SMD

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

LMR24210 datasheet

Description :

The LMR24210 Synchronously Rectified Buck Converter features all required functions to implement a highly efficient and cost effective buck regulator. It is capable of supplying 1A to loads with an output voltage as low as 0.8V. Dual N-Channel synchronous MOSFET switches allow a low component count, thus reducing complexity and minimizing board size.

Typical Application and Pinout


1. Input Voltage Range of 4.5V to 42V
2. Output Voltage Range of 0.8V to 24V
3. Output Current up to 1.0A
4. Integrated low RDS(ON) Synchronous MOSFETs for High Efficiency
5. Up to 1 MHz Switching Frequency
6. Low Shutdown Iq, 25 µA Typical
7. Programmable Soft-Start
8. No Loop Compensation Required
9. COT Architecture with ERM
10. 28-Bump DSBGA (2.45 x 3.64 x 0.60 mm) Packaging
11. Fully Enabled for WEBENCH® Power Designer

Official Homepage : https://www.ti.com/product/LMR24210

LMR24210 Datasheet PDF Download

LMR24210 pdf


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