LMX9838 Datasheet PDF – Bluetooth Serial Port Module

Part Number: LMX9838

Function: Bluetooth Serial Port Module

Package: Compact Size: 10mm x 17mm x 2.0mm ( PLGA 70 )

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


LMX9838 datasheet



The Texas Instruments LMX9838 Bluetooth Serial Port module is a fully integrated Bluetooth 2.0 baseband controller, 2.4 GHz radio, crystal, antenna, LDO and discreets; combined to form a complete small form factor (10 mm x 17 mm x 2.0 mm) Bluetooth node.

All hardware and firmware is included to provide a complete solution from antenna through the complete lower and upper layers of the Bluetooth stack, up to the application including the Generic Access Profile (GAP), the Service Discovery Application Profile (SDAP), and the Serial Port Profile (SPP).

The module includes a configurable service database to fulfil service requests for additional profiles on the host. Moreover, the LMX9838 is qualified as a Bluetooth endproduct, ready to be used in the end application without additional testing and license cost.

Block Diagram



1. UART Command/Data Port Speed 921.6kbits/s

2. AAI for External PCM Codec

3. Better than -80dBm Input Sensitivity


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LMX9838 pdf

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