LP2951-33-Q1 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : LP2951-33-Q1


Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

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LP2951-33-Q1 datasheet

Description :

The LP2951-xx-Q1 devices are bipolar, low-dropout voltage regulators that can accommodate a wide input supply-voltage range of up to 35 V. The 8-pin LP2951-xx-Q1 is able to output either a fixed or adjustable output from the same device. By tying the OUTPUT and SENSE pins together, and the FEEDBACK and VTAPpins
together, the LP2951-xx-Q1 outputs a fixed 5 V and 3.3 V (depending on the version). Alternatively, by leaving the SENSE and VTAP pins open and connecting FEEDBACK to an external resistor divider, the output can be set to any value between 1.235 V to 30 V.
The 8-pin LP2951-xx-Q1 also offers additional functionality that makes it particularly suitable for battery-powered applications. For example, a logic-compatible shutdown feature allows the regulator to be put in standby mode for power savings. In addition, there is a built-in supervisor reset function in which the ERROR output goes low
when VOUT drops by 6% of its nominal value for whatever reasons – due to a drop in
VIN, current limiting, or thermal shutdown. The LP295x-xx-Q1 devices are designed to minimize all error contributions to the output voltage. With a tight output tolerance (0.5% at 25°C), a very low output voltage temperature coefficient (20 ppm typical), extremely
good line and load regulation (0.3% and 0.4% typical), and remote sensing capability, the parts can be used as either low-power voltage references or 100-mA regulators.

• Qualified for Automotive Applications
• Wide Input Range: Up to 35 V
• Rated Output Current of 100 mA
• Low Dropout: 380 mV (Typ) at 100 mA
• Low Quiescent Current: 75 μA (Typ)
• Tight Line Regulation: 0.03% (Typ)
• Tight Load Regulation: 0.04% (Typ)
• High Vo Accuracy
– 1.4% at 25°C
– 2% Over Temperature
• Can Be Used as a Regulator or Reference
• Stable With Low ESR (>12 mΩ) Capacitors
• Current- and Thermal-Limiting Features
• 8-Pin Package
– Fixed Voltages: 5 V/ADJ and 3.3 V/ADJ
– Low-Voltage Error Signal on Falling Output
– Shutdown Capability
– Remote Sense Capability for Optimal
Output Regulation and Accuracy


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