LP801B Datasheet – Remote Control Code IC – LAND-HOP

Part Number: LP801B

Function : Remote Control Code IC, Encoder, Decoder

Package : DIP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturer: LAND-HOP


LP801B Remote Control Code IC


The LP801B is used in conjunction with a remote decoding dedicated ASIC. Manufactured in CMOS technology, up to 12-bit triple-state address pins provide up to 531441 (or 312) address codes, thereby greatly reducing code collisions and the possibility of illegally scanning the codes for matching.



LP801B datasheet pinout



1. LP801B and LP802B are used to match the remote control code IC

2. Applicable to RF (radio frequency) and IR (infrared) two kinds of modulation

3. Up to 6-bit data pins or 12-bit tri-state address pins, providing a total of 531441 (312) address codes

4. Latch type (L) and transient type (M) output



1. Car safety system, garage control

2. Digital remote control doorbell, remote control toys, remote control fan

3. Industrial control and home security, automatic control and other fields


LP801B Datasheet PDF


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