LQP03T Datasheet – Inductor RF Chip Thin Film

Part Number : LQP03T

Function : Murata’s 0603 HF Chip Coils Cover Wide Inductance Range

Manufacturers : Murata Manufacturing

Pinouts :

LQP03T datasheet

Description :

The past few years have seen the growing popularity of compact, slim mobile phones. High-end handset models, which are usually multi-functional, come with highquality picture LCD panels and camera modules. This has led manufacturers to scale down the sizes of the radio frequency (RF) block, and modules including power amplifier and voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO).

Consequently, the sizes of the high-frequency inductors used in mobile phones and modules also need to be scaled down to miniature levels. To meet this demand for ultra-small high-frequency inductors, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is mass-producing and supplying the LQP03T film-type 0603-sized (0.6 ×0.3mm) high-frequency chip

This product is one of the smallest in the industry. The company, using its proprietary thick-film micro-processing technology, has designed the LQP03T series to include these features.

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