LQW31HXXXXX Datasheet PDF – Chip Inductor (Chip Coil)

Part Number : LQW31HXXXXX

Function : Chip Inductor (Chip Coil) for High Frequency Vertical Wire Wound

Manufacturers : Murata Manufacturing

Image and Pinouts :

LQW31HXXXXX datasheet


Description :

LQW31H series is alumina-core-type chip inductor for high frequency circuit. Its low dc resistance and high Q due to wound structure are suitable for hand telecommunication equipment.

Features :

1. Inductance range from 8.8 to 100nH.

2. Because of the high self resonant frequency, it can be used in high frequency range.

3. Tight inductance tolerance (+-5%)

4. LQW31H_03: Does not contain lead.


LQW31H Series (1206 Size)
Code Packaging Minimum Quantity
L 180mm Embossed Tape 2000
K 330mm Embossed Tape 7500


LQW31HXXXXX Datasheet PDF Download


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