LSC320AN02-T PDF – 32 Inch, TFT LCD, Samsung

Part Number: LSC320AN02-T

Function: 32 Inch, TFT LCD

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: Samsung


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This model uses a liquid crystal display (LCD) of amorphous silicon TFT as switching components. This model is composed of a TFT LCD panel, a driver circuit, and an ass’y KIT of source PBA. This 32.0” model has a resolution of a 1366 x 768 and can display up to 16.7 million colors with the wide viewing angle of 89° or a higher degree in all directions. This panel is designed to support applications by providing a excellent performance function of the flat panel display such as home-alone multimedia TFT-LCD TV and a high definition TV.


Product Specification :

( √ ) Preliminary Specification ( ) Approval Specification Any Modification of Spec is not allowed without SDC’s permission CUSTOMER DATE OF ISSUE Videocon 2012.12.28 MODEL NO. LSC320AN02 EXTENSION CODE T LCD Sales & Marketing Team Samsung Display Co., Ltd ————————————————————————————————————————————————– Table of Contents REVISION HISTORY . 1. GENERAL Description . 2. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS . 3. OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS . 4. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 4.1 TFT LCD MODULE . 5. INPUT TERMINAL PIN ASSIGNMENT 5.1 INPUT SIGNAL & POWER . 5.2 LVDS INTERFACE . 5.3 INPUT COLOR DATA MAPPING . 6. INTERFACE TIMING 6.1 TIMING PARAMETERS OF TIMING (ONLY DE MODE) 6.2 TIMING DIAGRAMS OF INTERFACE SIGNAL 6.3 CHARACTREISTICS OF INPUT DATA OF LVDS . 6.4 POWER ON/OFF SEQUENCE . 7. OUTLINE DIMENSION 8. PACKING . [ … ]

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LSC320AN02-T Datasheet