LT1367 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : LT1367

Function : Dual and Quad Precision Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Op Amps

Manufacturers : Linear Technology

Pinouts :

LT1367 datasheet

Description :

The LT1366/LT1367/LT1368/LT1369 are dual and quad bipolar op amps which combine rail-to-rail input and output operation with precision specifications. These op amps maintain their characteristics over a supply range of 1.8V to 36V. Operation is specified for 3V, 5V and ±15V supplies.

Input offset voltage is typically 150µV, with an open-loop gain AVOLof 1 million while driving a 10k load. Common mode rejection is typically 90dB over the full rail-to-rail input range, and supply rejection is 110dB.

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LT1367 pdf

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