LT5234 Datasheet PDF – 2.0×5.0mm, Rectangular LED LAMP

Part Number: LT5234, LT5234-41

Function: Rectangular LED LAMP

Lens Color : Yellow clear

Package: 2.0×5.0mm Package

Manufacturer: Ledtech Electronics

Image and pinout

LT5234 pinout datasheet


This yellow lamp is made with GaAsP/GaP chip and yellow clear epoxy resin.


Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25°C

1. Power Dissipation : PD  = 78 mW

2. Reverse Voltage : VR = 5 V

3. D.C. Forward Current : If = 30 mA

4. Reverse (Leakage) Current : Ir = 100 uA

5. Operating Temperature Range : Topr = -25 to +85 ℃

6. Storage Temperature Range : Tstg = -40 to +100 ℃


Temperature in use :

Since the light generated inside the LED needs to be emitted to outside efficiently, a resin with
high light transparency is used; therefore, additives to improve the heat resistance or moisture
resistance (silica gel , etc) which are used for semiconductor products such as transistors
cannot be added to the resin.


LT5234 Datasheet PDF


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