LTC1144 Datasheet – Voltage Converter, 8 Pin Type

Part Number: LTC1144, LTC1144C, LTC1144I

Function: CMOS Switched-Capacitor Voltage Converter

Package: DIP, SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Linear Technology, Analog Devices


LTC1144 Voltage Converter


The LTC1144 is a monolithic CMOS switched-capacitor voltage converter. It performs supply voltage conversion from positive to negative from an input range of 2V to 18V, resulting in complementary output voltages of –2V to –18V. Only two noncritical external capacitors are needed for the charge pump and charge reservoir functions. The converter has an internal oscillator that can be overdriven by an external clock or slowed down when connected to a capacitor.



LTC1144 datasheet pinout


1. Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range: 2V to 18V
2. Boost Pin (Pin 1) for Higher Switching Frequency
3. Simple Conversion of 15V to –15V Supply
4. Low Output Resistance: 120Ω Maximum
5. Power Shutdown to 8μA with SHDN Pin
6. Open Circuit Voltage Conversion Efficiency: 99.9% Typical
7. Power Conversion Efficiency: 93% Typical
8. Easy to Use


1. Conversion of 15V to ±15V Supplies
2. Inexpensive Negative Supplies
3. Data Acquisition Systems
4. High Voltage Upgrade to LTC1044 or 7660
5. Voltage Division and Multiplications
6. Automotive Applications
7. Battery Systems with Wall Adapter/Charger

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