LTN156AT01-H01 PDF – 15.6 Inch, Display Module

Part Number: LTN156AT01-H01

Function: 15.6 Inch, Display Module

Display area : 344.232(H) x 193.536(V) (mm)

Manufacturer: Samsung


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LTN156AT01 is a color active matrix TFT (Thin Film Transistor) liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses amorphous silicon TFT as switching devices. This model is composed of a TFT LCD panel, a driver circuit and a backlight unit. The resolution of a 15.6″ contains 1366 x 768 pixels and can display up to 262,144 colors. 6 O’clock direction is the optimum viewing angle.

Approval TO DATE : Nov. 28, 2008 SAMSUNG SAMSUNGTFT-LCD TFT-LCD MODEL MODEL NO. NO. :: LTN156AT01-H01 LTN156AT01-H01 NOTE : Extension code [ -H01 ] → LTN156AT01-H01 Surface type [ Glare ] Any Modification of Spec is not allowed without SEC’ permission. APPROVED BY : PREPARED BY : Application engineering part, Mobile Division Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung Secret Doc.No. LTN156AT01-H01 Rev.No 04-A00-0-081128 Page 1 / 30 Datasheet pdf – Approval CONTENTS Revision History General Description 1. Absolute Maximum Ratings 1.1 Environmental Absolute Ratings 1.2 Electrical Absolute Ratings 2. Optical Characteristics 3. Electrical Characteristics 3.1 TFT LCD Module 3.2 Back-light Unit 4. Block Diagram 4.1 TFT LCD Module 4.2 Backlight Unit 5. Input Terminal Pin Assignment 5.1 Input Signal & Power 5.2 LVDS Interface 5.3 Timing Diagrams of LVDS For Transmitting 5.4 Input Signals, Basic Display Colors and Gray Scale of Each Color. 5.5 Pixel format in the Display 6. Interface Timing 6.1 Timing Parameters 6.2 Timing Diagrams of interface Signal 6.3 Power ON/OFF Sequence 7. Mechanical Outline Dimension 8. Packing 9. Markings & Others 10. General Precautions 11. EDID Samsung Secret Doc.No. LTN156AT01-H01 Rev.No 04-A00-0-081128 Page 2 / 30 REVISION REVISIONHISTORY HISTORY Date Nov. 28, 2008 Revision No. A00 Page All Summary Approval The approval specification of LTN156AT01-H01 model was issued first. Samsung Secret Doc.No.


• Thin and light weight • High contrast ratio, high aperture structure • 1366 x 768 pixels resolution (16:9) • Fast Response Time • Low power consumption • DE (Data enable) only mode • 3.3V LVDS Interface • On board EDID chip • Pb-free product • RoHS compliance Applications • Notebook PC • If the usage of this product is not […]

LTN156AT01-H01 Datasheet