LTS-315AHR Datasheet PDF – Seven-segment Display

Part Number: LTS-315AHR

Function: RED LED chips, digit Seven-segment display.

Package: DIP 10 pin Type

Manufacturer: LiteOn Technology

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LTS-315AHR datasheet



The LTS-315AHR, LTS-310A series are 0.3 inch (7.62mm) height single digit displays. AlGaAs red desplays has gray face and white segments. Bright red displays has black
face and red segments. Green and yellow displays have gray face and white segments. Red orange displays have orange face and orange segments. The High efficiency red displays have red face and red segments.



1. 0.3 inch (7.62mm) digit height.

2. Choices of six bright colors-AlGaAs red/bright red/

3. green/yellow/red orange/high efficiency red.

4. Low power requirement.

5. Excellent characters appearance.

6. Categorized for luminous intensity

Other data sheets are available within the file: LTS315AHR

LTS-315AHR Datasheet PDF Download

LTS-315AHR pdf

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