LXM1620-01 Datasheet PDF – Dual Lamp CCFL Inverter

Part Number : LXM1620-01


Package : Module Type

Manufacturers : Microsemi Corporation

Pinouts :

LXM1620-01 datasheet


Description :

The LXM1620-01 Direct Drive Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) Inverter is a single module designed to drive two lamps and is targeted for use with desktop Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and industrial LCD panels typically ranging in size from 10.4-inches to 17-inches. This two output inverter is the ideal solution to power virtually any two lamp application.

Features :

1. Drive Two Lamps With One Module

2. Small, Compact Size

3. High Efficiency

4. Multiple Outputs Provide Easy LCD Connections

5. Low EMI And Noise

6. Low Power Sleep Mode

7. Output Short And Open Circuit Protection

8. 3:1 Dimming Control

9. Adjustable Lamp Current Up To 6.0mA Per Lamp

10. Long Lamp Life With Soft-Start And Accurate Lamp Current Regulation

Applications :

1. Desktop LCD Monitors And Panels

2. Industrial LCD Panels

3. Hi-Brite Displays


LXM1620-01 Datasheet PDF Download

LXM1620-01 pdf

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