M23269 Datasheet – Glass Capacitor – AVX

Part Number : M23269

Function : Glass Capacitors M23269/10 (QPL to MIL-PRF-23269)

Manufacturers : AVX Corporation

Image :

M23269 datasheet


Description :

These precision glass dielectric capacitors are QPL to Established Reliability specification MIL-PRF-23269. Fused monolithic construction provides excellent electrical perform ance, environmental immunity, stability and retraceability.

Radiation Resistance :

The unique materials and construction techniques involved with glass capacitors make them ideal for use in radiation environments

These capacitors have radial leads.

CYR51, 52, 53 (Established Reliability)
M23269/10 (QPL to MIL-PRF-23269)

Other data sheets within the file : CYR10, CYR15, CYR20, CYR30, CYR51

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