M27C4001 Datasheet PDF – 4 Mbit (512Kb x 8), EPROM

Part Number: M27C4001

Function: 4 Mbit (512Kb x 8) UV EPROM and OTP EPROM

Package: DIP 32, PLCC 32, SOP 32 Pin type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


M27C4001 datasheet



The M27C4001 is a 4 Mbit EPROM offered in the two ranges UV (ultra violet erase) and
OTP (one time programmable). It is ideally suited for microprocessor systems requiring
large programs and is organised as 524,288 by 8 bits.

The FDIP32W (window ceramic frit-seal package) has a transparent lid which allows the
user to expose the chip to ultraviolet light to erase the bit pattern. A new pattern can then be written to the device by following the programming procedure.


1. 5V ± 10% supply voltage in Read operation

2. Access time : 35ns

3. Low power consumption:
(1) Active Current 30mA at 5MHz
(2) Standby Current 100µA

4. Programming voltage: 12.75V ± 0.25V

5. Programming time: 100µs/Word

6. Electronic signature
(1) Manufacturer Code: 20h
(2) Device Code: 41h

M27C4001 Datasheet PDF Download

M27C4001 pdf

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