This post explains for the semiconductor M30620MCP-XXXGP.

The Part Number is M30620MCP-XXXGP.

The function of this semiconductor is SINGLE-CHIP 16-BIT CMOS MICROCOMPUTER.

Manufacturer: Renesas Technology

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M16C/62P Group (M16C/62P, M16C/62PT) SINGLE-CHIP 16-BIT CMOS MICROCOMPUTER REJ03B0001-0241 Rev.2.41 Jan 10, 2006 1. Overview The M16C/62P Group (M16C/62P, M16C/62PT) of single-chip microcomputers are built using the high performance silicon gate CMOS process using a M16C/60 Series CPU core and are packaged in a 80-pin, 100-pin and 128-pin plastic molded QFP. These single-chip microcomputers operate using sophisticated instructions featuring a high level of instruction efficiency. With 1M bytes of address space, they are capable of executing instructions at high speed. In addition, this microcomputer contains a multiplier and DMAC which combined with fast instruction processing capability, makes it suitable for control of various OA, communication, and industrial equipment which requires highspeed arithmetic/logic operations. 1.1 Applications Audio, cameras, television, home appliance, office/communications/portable/industrial equipment, automobile, etc. Specifications written in thi […]

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M30620MCP-XXXGP Datasheet